The 999 Challenge
What is it ?

A personal challenge: 999 km during 24 hours throughout Southern France with some spectacular landscapes (plains, passes and lakes...)

It is not a race but a challenge: a roadtrip of 999 km in 24 hours tops ! After your registration on site, the challenge will start at 2pm on Saturday at the starting meeting point where you'll be given a roadbook. The various check points where a new road book will be given for the next coming stage. You’ll have to reach the final destination on Sunday before 4pm.

You’ll find some refreshment and food at various check points.

You can take part of a group or by yourself.

We strongly suggest you to bring a map of Southern France.

For Participants

Each Participant who completed the 999 km ride will receive a pin but everyone will have experienced this great adventure of driving on unfamiliar places for a whole day (night included), and lived these great moments with many people sharing the same passion - "The Harley way of life". Cool, isn't it ?

National roads

Departmental roads


RWinding roads

Pleasure roads

When and Where?

Saturday May 18th, 2024 CAFÉ DES ALLÉES

2 Av. Gustave Cestier,
13160 Châteaurenard


Validation of registrations will take place on Saturday May 18th, 2024 from 9:00AM to 12:00PM.


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